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Contaminated Patient Protocol
Federal Guidance
Interoperable Communications


Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment Protocols for Bioterrorism Related Infectious Disease and Toxins
Below are standardized guidelines for Bioterrorism Agents that were developed by the Akron Regional Hospital Associations (ARHA) Emergency Preparedness Subcommittee.

Smallpox Guidelines for Hospitals
Review the
Smallpox Medical Vaccination Guidelines, prepared for Health Care Facilities in Ohio, by the Ohio Hospital Association.
Find a Q&A to help hospitals determine their roll in the statewide smallpox vaccination plan.

Grant/Riverside Hospitals OhioHealth Patient Care Guidelines to Responding to "Anthrax Threats" - a flowchart showing protocol for dealing with a potential anthrax exposure. 

Contaminated Patient Protocol:
OhioHealth Contaminated Patient Protocol

Interoperable Communications:
Information on MARCS Hospital Monitoring and Communications Changes Effective July 13


Terrorist Use of Toxins and Poisons: Information for Healthcare Providers

Terrorist Use of Toxins and Poisons: Information for Laboratory Professionals

ROLL CALL RELEASE: (U//FOUO) Potential for Small-Scale Attacks Using Toxins and Poisons